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AMPHITRITE: for she is the sea and the sea cannot be controlled by man

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wow this rp looks hella and i want to join every single plot halp

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max irons love interest wanted please :3

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eep so i’m new to the tag but i have characters if y’all want to plot???

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whispers going to leave this here bc i should be writing a paper oops

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idk super late but hi????

name/alias: tina

age: 18

favorite cuss word: shiiiiiit

favorite admin (it’s always nisha): idk i’m a n00b

favorite drink: pepsi or pink lemonade!!

types of plots you like most: anything that givES ME FEELS

what you’re most excited for on boasn: family plots especially the blairs!!!!

weirdest thing about you: life goal to make perfect latte art #baristaproblems

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ummm super late but i have a mona johannesson now and idk what to do with her except giving her two moms and four dogs help??????

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lyndsey blair, a mood board.

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♡ LYNDSEY ADDISON BLAIR: twenty-five, opportunist, interior decorator, rose leslie.

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